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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great places for social networking

Hey everyone.
In order for anybody on the net to succeed, have to do lots of marketing and advertising. Best way to do that is to join social networking places to expose yourself more when it comes to online marketing yourself whether owning your own business, looking for a job or at least of what most of us like is to meet new people as well as contact our old friends. These are the places I join and I hope you would join under me as well. :

My own myspace profile to see who I am

Another place you might want to check out is here:
Look up Laurie Tam on there

Directmatches are great
This is my profile on here which is free

Zenzuu is a new social networking place that would actually pay you by advertising dollars and the more people that join under you, the more you will make. Listen to the call which is everyday except Sunday.
Zenzuu is what you should get into as well

Yuwie is another one that pay you since it's a social networking place
yuwie site which is great but not allowed on myspace

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