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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About Everest College Online and Learning Chinese at Home

I'm a student at Everest College online and loving it. I started school yesterday where I am taking "Business Management" course in order to help me with my writing career after I am all done with it. It's an associate degree for 2 years schooling done at home which is wonderful for me.
What's neat about this online course for me is that I have 6 units for 3 different classes which I have to do it within 2 weeks for each one unit.
Plus, they ship you a free laptop plus webcam but if you paid it off and stuff, then you keep it forever. Keep all of the materials that came with the laptop because you never know. I have read the fine print stating that if anything to happen to it, I ended up paying for it. For example, mine got robbed so all I would get charge is $500 while if I lost it, I get tacked on another $1000 for it.
I know a kid whose aunt did take Everest College herself and got the laptop deal too. I have no idea what class she took though.
Since I have a 9 month old as the youngest child that I have, I'm stuck at home for another reason which is that my 3 year old goes to the afternoon class at her school and I'm stuck having to be here to see her off.
Another thing aout learning chinese at home is very convenient for me because I have som matrials with me where I am learning it on my own. I can't go to my local community colleges taking it or at least at University of Washington school here in Seattle where I reside at. I'm fluent on writing but working on reading and speaking it despite that I know how to say some words.


Viktoria said...

Hi, I am a fulltime student at Everest College in Utah, and I am taking Assoc. Degree in Computer Information Science, along with Business class, and then Environmental Science, and I am getting my Laptop this week. It is applied to my student loan, but the worth of it is approx $669 - not bad considering many Laptops/Notebooks out there now cost $300+
Anyway, just wanted to add my "2 cents" LOL

Protaginist said...

Just to let you know. The laptop program is a "loan to own" program. The laptop is Everest College Online property until the student graduates, when the student graduates it is their property, until then it is a loan to the student. If you drop or withdraw you MUST return the laptop to Everest College Online.

You can call them and ask for a copy of a laptop agreement, you all signed one before you received the laptop. On the laptop agreement it states that the laptop is Everest college property only until you graduate, and then it is yours.

Also, it is not rolled into your loans, Everest College pays for this laptop and loans it out to students, so, you are never paying for it in fact.

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