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Monday, October 27, 2008

Destiny's School Harvest festival

My oldest had it at her school on Friday, October 24 and we had fun. It was my kids, a kid name Curtis who have been living with us since late August of this year, me and my kids grandma name Debbie all went to the party but she got there after we did.
It was from 6pm-8:30pm kind of thing and we had fun. I'll be posting up the pics that I took while we were there. I didn't take any pics of the kid name Curtis since he is going to be living with us temporarily.
His parents are both losers since they are both a mess. Poor child. He already lost hope on his own dad and coming close with his mom. He is getting a sense that his mom is unreliable as well since she lied about seeing him last week.

I'm posting it on my myspace and facebook profiles.
Anyway, later everyone.

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