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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy about finally being able to get to go clothes and shoe shopping.

I haven't had fun where finally, yesterday I got to go out clothes shopping by myself. It was a b day present to me which was nice. I wish I could do that everyday but as you know, it gotta end eventually. I love my kids more than anything but come on now. I don't get to do that everyday.
I bought two more items today since as it turned out was the last day for the sale kin of thing. I bought a high heel shoe and a pant where I wear it for work kind of purposes.
I'm listening to a chinese singer that sings pretty good in english. I bought it in July 2008 which at the time was one of thw two days of chinese festivals that we get here in Seattle. I don't get to go out and buy chinese singer cds as often as I would like. I buy more books than anything.
It's my thoughts for the day.

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